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We provide Artificial Intelligence solutions as a service

What we do

AI applications

We craft AI driven applications for the business and the society by having two goals in mind:

  • Seamless and transparent User Experience(UX) for saving the users time as much as possible.
  • Optimal, reliable and fast AI recommendations for supporting the best possible decisions making. Read more

Our platform

Our platform is powered by cutting-edge technology which brings together Probability Theory and Deep Neural Networks. The techniques we use are:

  • Reinforcement Learning(RF) & Probability Theory: we build our own RF framework for solving complex optimization problems.
  • Transfer Learning: for a continuous model evolution and versioning.
  • Graph Theory, SMID acceleration & CPU parallelization with smart algorithms like Locality Sensitive Hashing, Bloom Trees: for optimal performance.

Our vision

Many applications

Standalone AI powered software solutions for a variety of problems. Our framework can be used for a quick implementation of AI models for the retail, energy, cybersecurity, financial, insurance, pharmaceuticals, IoT, manufacturing or ecology sectors.


We don’t use third party machine learning or AI software. Our software is in-house developed thus guaranteeing our ability to quickly innovate and adapt. 


Our software is hosted in the cloud and it is highly adaptable to both small and really big data volumes. It can process a multitude of input variables and provides decision support on the spot.


Our framework enables quick implementation and onboarding. Our software-as-a-service is suitable for a variety of small and medium enterprises which cannot afford hiring a data scientist, but want to unlock the hidden potential of their data.