Stop guessing! Procure right! Intelligent inventory management

We know that every company must constantly face the problem of deciding the right quantity and mix of products that it should procure as well as when to procure them. The problem is challenging because the decision must be made with uncertain and conflicting information about future demand, sources of supply and lead times. The decision is in fact a highly complex balancing act, involving tradeoffs along many dimensions – for example, inventory targets vs. customer service levels, older vs. newer products. The ability of a company to nimbly navigate this decision process largely determines how well the company can respond to changing market conditions and ultimately whether the company will continue to thrive.

Therefore, we have created MLmargin. It is our first application for next generation supply chain management. It is an AI powered software that optimizes the inventory by providing demand forecasting and replenishment recommendation for each item in your assortment. Request a demo 

It uses two models

Demand forecasting

Machine learning models will use your sales data to provide daily, weekly or monthly demand prediction for each SKU. Learn more


Replenishment optimization

Optimization models will combine the demand forecast, lead times, storage cost and sales price for a perfect replenishment decision. Learn more


No one-size-fits-all approach

We know that every customer is different. Product categories, sales volumes and lead times are different but striving for success, efficiency and profit is everybody’s goal. We will train and calibrate each model on your data. You get tailor-made functionality with exceptional performance and accuracy. 

Benchmark functionality

Monitor the accuracy of your model by comparing values provided by AI and the actual ones


REST API is provided for seamless data flow and user experience. We can easily integrate MLmargin with your already available business applications or data bases.